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We have a full line of interactive inflatables, including moonwalks, inflatable jumpers, combo bouncers, giant inflatable slides, and inflatable mazes.

Inflatable Games

Our quality is unsurpassed. By constantly replacing and updating our inventory, you can count on the equipment we offer to be in excellent condition and represent the latest in industry technology, innovation, safety, and fun.

This awesome course is 100 feet in length with 17 ninja inspired challenges. This one gets everybody excited to test their skills.

Wrecking Ball Deluxe

The Wrecking Ball is a crowd favorite. Try to knock your opponents off their pedestal with the sturdy foam wrecking ball. Our deluxe unit is an 8 player game, keeping the lines moving with twice the capacity of a standard unit.

Hoops Shoot Out

Don't be mistaken, this is a full size basketball shooting game that can entertain multiple players at once. Great for kids and adults.

Field Goal Challenge

Everybody that sees this massive unit absolutely has to give a try. All ages love seeing if they can make a goal.

Firehouse Multi-Game

This beautiful piece keeps all the kids having a blast with multiple games, jump area and a full size slide in this jumbo piece.

Race Car Obstacle Course

This themed 2 piece obstacle course is 52 feet of fun and just the right size to be able to challenge the kids and teens alike.

Spider Zone with Super Slide
Spider Zone with Super Slide

With the Super Slide option attached the climber reaching the top is now rewarded with one of the largest inflatable slides available.  Enjoy the awesome 45 foot long ride down to complete the challenge.  

Deluxe Jungle Play Center

This beautiful new piece has obstacles, animals, a maze, a slide, pop ups, a bounce area, and is large enough to entertain many little ones at a time

Wizard Castle Combo Inflatable
Wizard Castle Combo

Definitely one of the most attractive pieces ever made! The wizard castle 4 in 1 combo unit has it all, with a full size moonwalk and a 50 degree 14 foot slide that will be a rush for the older kids as well.

Monster Basketball Inflatable
Monster Basketball

Whether you are just shooting around or having a team game, playing on this huge goal with giant balls that bounce on any surface will definitely get great laughs with a big twist on the classic game.

Obstacle Course Inflatable
61’ Obstacle Course

A total of over sixty feet makes this challenging side by side course feel like it just keeps going.  This longer version of the classic obstacle course is always a blast for kids and adults alike. 

Triple Play Sports Arena Inflatable
Triple Play Sports Arena

We offer Soccer, Basketball, and Football all in one great interactive piece. Fully enclosed netting and automatic ball return eliminates the headaches normally associated with lesser quality sports games.

Giant Slide Inflatable
Dual Lane Super Slide

An inflatable slide is a must for any event. This attractive unit is 18' tall and with two lanes to handle the crowds, it is versatile enough for a wide variety of events.

Giant Combo Inflatable
Giant Combo

Our giant combo can accommodate any age group with a full size moonwalk and a wrap around climb and slide. This piece is a moonwalk, ladder climb, maze and slide all in one.

Balloon Typhoon Inflatable
Balloon Typhoon

Inflated fun room filled with balloons


Children will enjoy trying to catch the flying balloons in the Balloon Typhoon.

Dinosaur Hide and Slide Inflatable
Dinosaur Hide and Slide

Wow, this eye catching piece always draws a huge crowd. The children climb through the mouth and into the belly where a bounce floor filled with obstacles and adventures keeps the kids exploring until they slide down and out his tail to exit.

Boomerang Obstacle Course

This 360 degree obstacle course has two identical lanes that have the competitors racing over 70 feet of various challenges including a large slide. The racers start and finish on the same side of the course, with all of the action in full view of the spectators this unit creates tons of excitement.

Bouncy Boxing Inflatable
Bouncy Boxing

Pull on the super safe, super sized boxing gloves and battle your opponent in the inflatable ring.  This unit is always a hilarious crowd pleaser.

Climb and Slide Inflatable
Climb and Slide

The climb and slide has a deck height similar to a 16 foot slide but offers a unique crawl and climb entrance that offers a little something different than the standard slide.

Obstacle Course Inflatable
30’ Obstacle Course

Challengers negotiate tunnels, log jams, over-unders, and squeeze throughs to see who can get to the finish line the fastest.

Seahorse Adventure Inflatable
Pedastal Joust

See who the real gladiator is with this crowd favorite. A large 20 x 20 landing area allows for a soft landing in this one on one competition game of balance and skill.

Castle Moonwalk Inflatable
Castle Moonwalk

Every event needs a moonwalk. Always a hit, the moonwalk is a great addition to complete any entertainment package .

Monster Soccer Inflatable
Monster Soccer

Our giant soccer balls offer a variety of fun games for any age to enjoy. Based on the age group, type of event, and amount of room available, we can customize the game to meet your needs.

Tiger Belly Bouncer

It is obvious why this loveable tiger is so popular. He is a whopping 25 feet wide with amazing graphics and always gets a lot of attention from the little ones.

Paradise Slide

This palm tree slide is 30 feet long and 15 feet tall so it is large enough to be really fun but comes with an easy to climb ladder and safety features making it kid friendly.

22’ Tropical Slide

(2 Lanes)

This massive 22 foot tall dual lane slide is a must have. The looks and size will immediately draw a crowd, the two lanes will keep the line moving quickly, and the radical sliding angle will get the adrenaline pumping. The Tropical Slide is a guaranteed winner!

Inflatable Dome Tent

Dome tents offer endless possibilities. It draws attention and is great for games and attractions, ticket booths, concession area, shade cover, volunteer area, entertainers and all kinds of additional uses.



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